Just Tell Me What Stocks To Buy 2013 – Results!

John asked in my blog comments, what the results were from my 2013 picks for Just Tell Me.

“Do you have results of how your picks did short term for 2013?”

Well, yes I do (now). Here they are based on the 12 month stock price increase as at writing:

ACN  +12.59%
APH +27.58%
ADP +21.25%
BIIB +102.41%
CBS +37.94%
CELG +62.93%
CERN +31.63%
CF +1.97%
COV +22.49%
DHI -2.02%
DOV +33.74%
EBAY -2.82%
EW -24.00%
EFX +18.78%
EL +8.95%
FDO +8.24%
FOSL +6.69%
GPS +12.62%
GPC +23.52%
HD +17.14%
MMC +32.49%
MAT +16.37%
MKC +12.67%
MCK +64.71%
ORLY +43.4%
ORCL +4.42%
PLL +17.31%
PRGO +50.75%
PETM -1.62%
PCP +36.46%
PCLN +67.37%
QCOM +16.35%
ROST +12.47%
SHW +16.28%
SNA +23.64%
SBUX +33.85%
HOT +23.52%
TDC -35.72%
TER +17.55%
TJX +28.5%
VFC +56.46%
WMT +7.31%
DIS +33.77%
WDC +74.75%

Not bad. Only five decreased out of forty four. I’m thinking my 2014 picks should do pretty well, too. :)

Just Tell Me What Stocks To Buy – 2014 edition

Just-Tell-Me-What-Stock-to-Buy---Cover-150x225The 2014 edition of Just Tell Me What Stocks to Buy is now available on Amazon, with other retailers coming soon. I’ve also done a print version for those that prefer paper, which I’m hoping will be available by the end of the week.

In this edition fifty-nine companies made my rules which isn’t too surprising when you consider how good the market is right now. I mention in the book that this is both a good and bad thing. Good that it’s easy to make money right now, and bad because it’s also easy to become complacent.

Last year’s stocks made tremendous gains which I’m pretty pleased with, you can grab the old editions free at Smashwords now (they’ll become free at major retailers over the coming weeks at the price filters through to each store).

I hope you enjoy my picks for 2014.

All the best for a happy and profitable year,


Will There Be a “Just Tell Me” 2014?

I’ve had a few people ask me now, will there be a 2014 edition of Just Tell Me What Stocks To Buy?

I can confirm that YES, there will be a 2014 edition.

I’m currently working through all the research to narrow down the selections. I left it a bit later than I anticipated to start the research, but everything is going smoothly.

I’m anticipating that once I finish and get the book to editors and cover designers etc, that it will be ready to publish in January 2014 (more likely later than earlier).

I’ll also be setting 2013 free and perhaps deleting 2012 (I haven’t decided about that yet though).

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that yes, there will be a 2014 edition and that it will be live late January 2014.

Happy Holidays!

Tracey :)

Just Tell Me What Stocks To Buy – 2013 is Live

Just-Tell-Me-What-Stock-to-Buy-2013-cover-150Yes, the 2013 version of Just Tell Me What Stocks to Buy is now live at Amazon (other retailers coming soon).

It lists all of the stocks that fit my rules for stock market investing.  I’ve made the 2012 version free (you can get the free copy at Smashwords if you want to see what you are getting – although obviously I have a new list for 2013).

If you don’t want to buy the 2013 book, the stocks that made my list are:


For those that do, its only $2.99 at Amazon.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2013!

Tracey :)

My Stock Picks for 2012 – How’d I Do?

About twelve months ago, I released the 2012 version of Just Tell Me What Stocks to Buy.  Now that a year has passed, I thought it would be a good time to look back at how those I recommended in the book did.

The overall average increase of all stocks was up 12.53%.  Very healthy indeed.  Especially as that doesn’t take into account all the dividend payouts during that time which means your income would have been even higher.

Of the 47 stocks that I wrote about, 37 of them increased in value, 9 decreased, and 1 company dissolved (Goodrich was acquired by UTX in July paying out stockholders a nice takeover price).

The biggest increase was Gilead Sciences whose stock price increased a massive 82.5%.

Overall a pretty successful year.

I’m currently researching companies in the S&P500, for the 2013 edition which I hope to have published sometime in January.

In the meantime I’d like to wish my readers a very happy Christmas and wonderfully prosperous 2013.